“Barroom Philosophers fuse this genre with that. They spend a lot of time imposing elements of whatever genre fits the song, proving they are definitely NOT one trick ponies by any stretch. Their debut album extends to more musical genres than you can count on one hand, but seems to always circle back around to that reggae rock vibe. Let me try to explain this. Barroom Philosophers are a rock band at the heart of it all, but there is this reggae element that keeps surfacing in their sound. It’s not a thick and rootsy island reggae, singing about Rastafari with thick accents, but it goes deeper than just a fondness of the upbeat. I would call it “Workingman’s Reggae.””

George Defabio, Upstate Music and Food (Jan 12, 2017)


“If you haven’t heard them play, then you’ve probably heard their name here and there and might be wondering, “So, what’s the big damn deal?” The Barroom Philosophers have an infectious and original sound with such a broad appeal, it is hard to find something NOT to like about them. As I stated from the onset – they are a rock, reggae, blues, funk fusion band. Yep, all of those!”

George Defabio, Upstate Music and Food (Jan 03, 2017)




“Although songs are bouncy and danceable, the lyrics are often more complex. And the mix of reggae, funk and rock takes turns from light to dark in an instant, mixing emotions for the listener that make the ride all the more enjoyable.”

Jess Novak, The Syracuse Newtimes (Feb 01, 0017)